The Braeview Governing Council endorses our School Dress Code Policy, which will support students, teachers and families in the following ways. It will:

  • Enable the students to develop a sense of identity, belonging and pride in their School.
  • Encourage the selection of clothing that supports active participation in all School activities.
  • Diffuse a competitive/harassing environment where students are labelled according to clothing/fashion.
  • Provide an aspect of safety whereby students are more easily recognisable both within School and out of School activities.

The Dress Code requires students to wear clothes in school colours, as listed under acceptable clothing outlined below, unless parents have applied in writing to the School Principals for exemption, stating their reason. Examples of reasons are listed below.

In applying the Dress Code Policy Braeview School will be sensitive to students, their cultural values, background and economic circumstances.

If a student is unable to wear the Dress Code on a particular day because of exceptional circumstances (eg clothing being repaired) the following action is required:

  • an exemption note should be sent to the class teacher from the parent stating the reason
  • if no note is received and the class teacher is unsatisfied with the compliance level, a note will be sent home in the diary.
  • if no reply is received from home and the student is still not wearing the dress code, School Leadership will make home contact by phone
  • The Principal will continue management if necessary

The Braeview School colours are Royal Blue and Gold. The use of the School logo on garments is encouraged. Garments purchased from the School will be in school colours with the School logo included.

Policy Document