Student Voice and Leadership

Braeview students have the opportunity each year to elect their student leaders.

Senior Leaders

Students in the middle school select their senior leaders through a campaign model. During the year,  senior leaders are responsible for hosting whole school assemblies, hosting special school events such as Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day.

Each year our student leaders attend Young leader’s Day in term 1.


Class reps attend regular meetings with Mr King to discuss school events, learning and fundraising. Classes are encouraged to have regular class meetings so that SRC reps can report back and to get feedback.


Play at Lunch time leaders is a program designed to develop leadership skills in middle primary students. Interested students play games with Junior Primary students at lunchtime. The games are planned and organised . The program is implemented in Term 2 so that small groups of Reception children can play in supervised games at lunch. The program is also great for students who struggle to build friendships.

Sport’s Day Captains and Vice Captains

Middle school students are encouraged to lead their sport’s teams on Sport’s Day. They coordinate chants, practices, health hustles and encourage all their team mates to do their best.

Jump Rope Captains

Middle school students in the Jump Rope Team support younger students to learn new routines. Captains work closely with supervising teachers to learn new routines and select appropriate music.