Choir is part of our music education program and our Year 6 / 7 students take part in a 1 hour session every week led by a qualified choir trainer and the Year 6 / 7 teachers.

Choir at Braeview Primary School
Choir at Braeview Primary School

Students can also choose to be part of our highly regarded “Braeview Performing Choir”, which performs at our school assemblies and special school events. The “Performing Choir” gives students further opportunities to advance their choral skills and even take on solo parts.

Our “Braeview Performing Choir” is graded each year by a qualified conductor and we are proud of achieving an ‘A’ grade for the past three years.

The highlight of the year for our “Braeview Performing Choir” is a performance in September at the prestigious Festival Theatre as part of the Department for Education and Child Development “Festival of Music”.