Australian Curriculum and TfEL

Educators at Braeview design, plan and organise learning and teaching using the Australian Curriculum and TfEL (Teaching for Effective Learning) framework.

Educators use a variety of formative assessment strategies throughout the year. Two formal summative reports are sent home – one at the end of Term 2 and a Summary of Learning at the end of Term 4.

Parents/ Carers can access the content in each of the learning areas through the following link:

TfEL – Teaching for Effective Learning Framework is used in all SA schools. It reflects two key concepts:

Learning for effective teaching that supports leaders and teachers to see themselves as learners, reflect on their practice and create opportunities to develop their professional expertise.

Teaching for effective learning that supports teachers to develop their practice in three domains – create safe conditions for rigorous learning, develop powerful learners and personalise and connect learning.